I love the 4th of July!

Its symbolism, the passion people have for our independence and the way it truly seems to kick off all things Summer are a few reasons why I look forward to it year after year. My favorite part is the tradition of going back to small town Iowa, meeting up with some of my best friends, yard games galore, a street dance {please tell me y’all know what a street dance is!} and LEMON DROPS. Oooh the lemon drops. Those little things are so sneaky but SO delicious. The weather has ranged from 100+ degrees with not a cloud in the sky for the weekend’s festivities all the way down to overcast, windy and barely 65* so packing for our annual celebration isn’t always easy. I’m all about Americana and having pride but I don’t seem to gravitate towards flags plastering my outfits. I don’t believe you have to get in the USA spirit by wearing those three letters across your chest necessarily; although if you’ve love it, that’s awesome! I prefer to show my red, white & blue a bit more strategically so I’m able to re-wear pieces and not end up with a graphic tee that I can’t wear next 4th because I’ve already been photographed in it! 😉 Looking ahead, the forecast appears to be warm and sunny so the outfits I have planned should work perfectly. For a Sunday full of day drinking, playing bags and dancing around the acreage on the 3rd I’m packing these shorts, this tank and these adorable tassel sandals. It’ll be the perfect combination for the casual atmosphere! For the street dance, I’m planning to switch into either this dress or this romper {sold-out but love this similar option!}. That decision will depend on how likely it’ll be that I have to use the restroom. HA! On July 4, we usually head to the parade and eat too much food, so this flowy tank {on sale right now for an EXTRA 25% off!} and these cut-offs will hopefully hide any ‘extra’.

I’ve put together 6 options below, based on where you may want to wear them, to hopefully give you some sort of inspiration!

4th of July Brunch: Tank + White Skinny Jeans + Fun Wedges 

Out on the Boat: Striped One Piece + Cover-up + Sandals

Backyard BBQ with friends: Eyelet Skirt + Basic Tank + Studded Espadrilles

Family Reunion: Chambray Dress + Flatforms + Scarf {to keep the chill away when the sun goes down!}

Concert or Festival: OTS top + Dark Cut-offs + Lace-ups

Fireworks: Crewneck Sweatshirt + Skinnys + Sneakers

What do you think of the outfits?! What are your plans for next weekend and what are you going to be wearing!?!? Let me know!

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