So much love this weekend. SO MUCH.

My heart was overflowing with joy for a solid 36 hours this past weekend as I watched my SIL, Lindsey, marry her best friend. The outpouring of love for the two of them was evident from 1,000 miles away and there weren’t many dry eyes during their ceremony–except for mine because I apparently have no heart & hardly cried at my own, HA! From Iced Coffees early Saturday morning to chilled Cosmopolitans late into the evening, the day was perfection. After temps in the mid-upper 90s for the past 10 days or so, Saturday’s low 70s and slightly overcast skies were welcomed & needed! It honestly couldn’t have been much better for pictures and for all the boys decked out in their navy slim-fit suits finished off with suspenders & bow ties. Of course I’m a bit biased but I’d say the wedding party was pretty darn good looking! Besides a small hiccup with the music we all walked into the church not working, the entire production went off without a hitch. Guess that’s how things go when you’ve got the most laid-back bride & groom tying the knot! 🙂

My 4th sister.

I grew up with 3 younger sisters so I never thought twice about wanting another one. I mean three is more than most girls get and with us all being so close I didn’t picture another ‘sister’ fitting in with the Breon girls. Not that I wasn’t open to it, I just didn’t need one. But then I met Kyle; and shortly after I met Lindsey. I think I might have liked her more to start with actually! She was sweet, put everyone else before herself, went with the flow, was up for anything and always had the biggest smile on her face. I thought I probably needed to keep Kyle in my life so I could keep her too {in hopes that some of her nice-ness would rub off on me!}. Ever since I can remember she’s always been another sister to me. When asked, I say I have 4 sisters because I do. Lindsey has fit seamlessly into my family and I always hope that I’ve been able to fill that void in her life of not having a sister growing up. I also like to thing the gifts she’s been getting for birthdays, Christmases, etc. have improved a bit since Kyle & I start dating too 😉 Selfishly, I’m thankful because I hit the jackpot in the in-law department. And then there’s Caden. People think he’s this nice, quiet guy who lives & breathes football but he’s also got a smart ass/sarcastic side and has a heart of gold. Being up there with them at the alter as they stood in front of all of their family and friends this weekend was an honor; witnessing their relationship grow from high school sweethearts to now beginning married life in a new home with a new puppy has been such a blessing. So basically the only left to say is ‘Cheers‘ to the Duncans!!! 🙂

On a fashion note, I had quite a few messages about the bridesmaid dresses & my makeup so I thought I’d do a quick roundup below of Saturday’s details:

Dress: Lulu’s

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Cuff: Kendra Scott

Strapless Bra: Calvin Klein

Earrings: Nebraska Bridal Outlet

Face: Primer, Tinted Moisturizer, Bronzer Brick, Blush

Eyes: Eyeliner, Mascara, Mascara

Lips: Lipliner, Gloss

Today I’m introducing y’all to Doug! {This is his ‘I can pose for blog pictures too‘ look! Can’t even deal hahaha!} Meet my dad. He’s awesome. Along with my Mama, he’s raised 4 daughters. No, he does not have any boys. No, he does not need your sympathy because he did not have a son. […]

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#1 The Easiest Breakfast. Ever. Cute title for my ‘food’ portion of today’s post huh?! HA. I’m over a week & a half into my Whole 30 diet and while I have made some non-Whole30-approved choices, I’ve been pretty dang good if I do say so myself. I’ve also discovered that despite my sweet tooth, […]

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It’s time for a new Instagram Roundup! These are some of my most asked for and viewed blog posts so I figured I was a bit overdue in sharing one. With Spring seemingly WAY behind us here in Omaha, my outfits are becoming lighter & more minimal each day. Clearly in the photos below you […]

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A ‘Black Friday’ in June?! What?! I could care less what the month is, how hot or cold it is or where I’m headed. Black is ALWAYS the right choice. Earlier this week I was wearing the color because it reflected my heart & attitude but today I’m rocking it because I feel a combination […]

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#1 Going Whole 30 June is going to be a whirlwind. Between a Bachelorette party, wedding, College World Series and a bunch of other random events and commitments I know that eating right is going to have to be made a priority. So despite all of the things I’ve gotten myself into, I’m doing Whole […]

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How is it the first Monday in June?! I’m not sure where y’all are reading this from but here in Omaha it’s a scorcher today! No complaints from me though because I thrive in this weather. When it’s hot, humid and the sky is cloudless is when my mood is at like an A+ rating! […]

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I’m seeing red! But in a good way. Today’s Workout Wednesday post is leaning more towards the fashionable side of fitness and athleisure wear but I sincerely believe THESE leggings deserve an entire post dedicated to them and them alone. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of bold, blood red workout leggings for […]

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Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. I can definitely drink to that. Call me crazy but I’ve been craving a refreshing, fruity cocktail lately but haven’t gotten my fix. Hopefully this 3-day weekend can help me out in that department! It’s the calm before the storm for me here. In all honesty, if I could just […]

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The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is HERE! But I’m sure you all knew that by now because everyone and their sister is posting about it. Big shocker, right?! 🙂 Anywayyy…instead of doing my usual things for #ThursdayThree, this week I’m sharing what THREE items I think are ‘Must Buys’ from the sale. While I’d love nothing […]

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