I love breaking fashion ‘rules’ than are old and outdated.

True be told, I’m actually a fan of breaking rules and conformity as a whole. Of course I’m all for rules and regulations that keep us safe, healthy, etc. but restrictions are so yesterday. While I totally love order and organization, I tend to have a very laissez-faire attitude towards things. I believe in my dude TJ’s idea that we should all have the right to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ More love, less hate, more uniqueness, less normal please! That same life approaches trickles over into my sense of style as well. Honestly, who actually came up with rules like ‘no white after Labor Day’ or ‘black & navy don’t match’? And whoever did, why did most people take those opinions to heart and actually start following them? Ain’t nobody going to tell me what I can wear or when I can wear it…unless I’m a guest at your wedding or attending a themed-party you’re throwing, then I’ll allow you to give suggestions for my attire. HA! 😉

Fall Necessity: Longline Vest

When the Nordstrom Sale sneak peeks were made available, I instantly circled THIS vest as a must buy. The color drew me instantly and the drape-front was different than any longline vest I had previous seen. It sold out quickly, in all 3 colors {camel, black & grey} and unfortunately happened to be one of the few items Nordstrom didn’t restock after the sale was over. I’m actually pretty bummed about that because 1) y’all won’t be able to experience its awesomeness and 2) I really wanted to grab it in black. I guess it’s probably better for all of our bank accounts though right?! Since my exact cozy camel vest isn’t available, I rounded up 6 very similar options below if you’re in need of one yourself:

The Neutral Pairing

October has been filled with some seriously perfect days. This weekend was full of sun, minimal wind, a crispness in the morning and some subtle warmth by afternoon. Hello amazingness for real though! Because of that it has been a struggle at times to figure out exactly how to dress. This look initially started with a white long sleeve but after stepping outside I quickly replaced it with a basic tee. I love how clean the outfit is and because of the classic look, I’ll be able to get away with wearing this at work even if it’s not Friday. It is quite possible this has been my favorite Fall look thus far! White denim are a year-round staple for me and as all the leaves change color and begin to fall {no pun intended!} off, the way the bright white pops against the background makes me love it even more.

On another note, I’m in Kansas City for work the next 2 days…if you have any suggestions for good food spots, send them my way! Happy Monday, loves!!! xox

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Vest (similar here & here) / Tee / Denim / Pumps / Bag


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