Month: March 2016


Palmer Chet & Easter 032

Palmer Chet & Easter 006


How cute is this elephant outfit!? Find it here!



Palmer’s car seat can be found here!

I’m not going to lie, the title of this post is misleading.

Typically on Thursdays I give you a quick feel for a food/recipe I’m loving, a fitness-related fav, and something positive about life in general. Well this Thursday is different because…

It’s my blog & I can do whatever I want!

Yaaaaasssss. But for real, this Thursday is different. It is different because I want to focus all 3 of my usual ‘favorites’ on one thing {person in this case} in particular. His name is Palmer Chet and he’s my first, and currently my favorite, nephew! I’m totally and utterly obsessed with him. He’s got the cutest nose, the squishy-est cheeks and smells AH-MAZE-ING. Sure I am probably biased because we’re related and he’s my sister’s son, but I swear to you he is beyond adorable. I was lucky enough to be right outside that hospital room door the minute he entered the world and was able to hear his first cry/scream. Surprisingly I didn’t tear up like I expected, but I think that because I was just so overwhelmed that a permanent smile was plastered on my face instead. I did however cry when we left him on Saturday. Thank goodness for Snapchat! Palmer joined the Axthlem/Breon family at 2:04am on Friday March 25, 2016 weighing 7lbs6oz and was 20″ long. He even had some hair–which I lost a bet on! {I did win the bet on his name, though!}

Haley did amazing during labor and it was so cool to see the way Adam looked at him right after he was born. They’re both going to be awesome parents and I honestly cannot wait to watch their little family grow in life together. The family is all home now and settling into life with this precious little guy and it makes my heart so happy to see how much they love and adore him already. So yeah, you can probably tell that I’m like the world’s proudest Aunt but I’m 100% unashamed of that!

Welcome to the world, Palmer! I can’t wait to see you get bigger, start talking & walking, watch your first tee ball {or likely hockey} game, see you graduate, and buy you the cutest Jordan shoes ever…I love you more than you could ever know!!! <3

If you’ve followed along with my blogging journey you know that I have so much respect for all entrepreneurs, but especially female entrepreneurs. Combine that with being local to the Omaha metro area and I’m very likely going to become obsessed with you! Kidding. Kind of. When I discovered Core10 on Facebook about 2 months […]

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I hope y’all had FABULOUS Easters and were able to spend time with the ones you love most! I’m so thankful that we are able to say ‘CHRIST IS RISEN!’ I also have to apologize for not getting this post up on Friday as my first nephew, Palmer Chet, made his way into the world at 2:04am […]

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Happy Thursday, friends! I’m super pumped to have tomorrow off of work. Kyle & I are heading to CHICAGO tonight with his sister & her boyfriend for the Iowa State vs. Virginia game and we couldn’t be more excited! EEEK!!! 🙂 Now onto my three favorites for this week… #1 Overnight Oats – I discovered a recipe […]

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Rest days are SO crucial to your workout regime. Ok, well Rest Days are so crucial to my regime and I honestly believe that they should be a requirement for you as well. First I want to be upfront and tell you that to me a ‘Rest’ day doesn’t mean lay around in bed all […]

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Easter Dresses are my favorite. Growing up my mom always bought my 3 sisters and I new dresses for Easter. As we became old enough to help pick out our dresses, it became a tradition to head out in search of the perfect Easter outfit. We always had so much fun shopping together, though I’m sure my mom […]

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If you follow me on Snapchat (username: kristinkruse) you know I spent yesterday night at the Designer I Showcase for Omaha Fashion Week with my girlfriend Gina. Apologies for the snapping overload but I had to capture as much as possible because it was seriously SO MUCH FUN! Omaha Fashion Week is actually the 5th […]

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I seriously CANNOT believe how fast the weeks go. Despite things being slower at work, this week has been super busy on the personal side. Tonight I’m heading to Omaha Fashion week with my friend Gina and we are both super excited! Starting the evening off […]

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Myofascial release: I love it, I hate it, but it is KEY to my workout regime. Defined by the Mayo Clinic as ‘a manual therapy technique often used in massage, focusing on pain believed to arise from myofascial tissues — the tough membranes that wrap, connect and support your muscles’ myofascial release can be performed […]

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I cannot believe how fast this past weekend flew by! The weather was rainy, gloomy, and overcast up until about 5:30pm on Sunday evening so a majority of the two days were spent inside watching lots of College Basketball–and that is absolutely alright by me. March Madness is my favorite time of year, hands down. […]

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