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This is a friendly PSA: Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

It’s May 8 for those of you who weren’t exactly sure but knew it was coming up quickly. 😉 With just over a week to get you Mom, Grandma, or whatever special female in your life that you choose to celebrate next Sunday something great, I suggest you get started! I don’t know about you but buying for my Mom is not the easiest task. Her birthday is a week & a half prior so we’re on double gift-giving duty and it’s not like she hands over a list like we oh so willingly give to her. As a wife, Mom of 4 girls {plus a few inherited children}, Queen of the Breon household, and basically an all-around saint, she deserves so much more than our money can buy. But since it’s customary to buy her a gift on her day, we follow the rules. I’ve teamed up with my fabulous Mom, Shelley, to create a ‘Mother’s Day Gift Guide’ for all of you. 9 of the 10 ideas she came up with and I added one more for an even 10. Check out our picks and thought process behind each gift below!

10 Things Every Mother Needs:

#1 – Breakfast in Bed

Very thoughtful and inexpensive, no one has ever complained about waking up to food in front of you! Bring her breakfast in on a fun tray that can easily double as decor, add a handwritten note along with her favorite Starbucks drink, and it’s a perfect start to her Mother’s Day.

#2 – Colorful Rainboots

Easily add some shine to any rainy day! Mom just got her first pair of Hunters in red {more colors here!} and loves them. Rain Boots can also be great for gardening but be sure to get a pair with a shorter shaft, like this fun pair!

#3 – Inspirational Daily Calendar 

You can always use words from Scripture to start your day and this Flip Calendar is a great way to get just that. These kinds of calendars are usually inexpensive and can easily be given with a simple Devotional or new Study Bible as well!

#4  Body Lotion/Shower Gel

Can you ever really have have enough pretty smelling items? My mom loves Bath & Body Works’ Moonlight Path & Cherry Blossom so we know we can never go wrong with anything from those lines. I’m addicted to pretty much all of Jo Malone fragrances, so I suggest my favorite ‘Wood Sage & Sea Salt‘ body cream as a gift for literally anyone!

#5 Pedicure

Preferably a pedicure date with the 4 daughters {in my Mom’s case} or the person who got it for you! If a $50 Spa Pedicure isn’t doable in your budget, set up your living room with a bucket of water, lotions and nail polish–this color is so perfect–and create a DIY-Spa at home!

#6 Photo Book

Instead of using Shutterfly or something similar to have images printed into a book, actually develop REAL prints and put them into a photo album. How vintage, right!? 😉 Moms seem to really love to hold pictures in their hands and will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort behind the album!

#7 Willow Tree Figurines

It seems like every female I’ve ever come across collects something. Postcards, Precious Moments, handbags, Beanie Babies, etc. So figure out what your Mom collects and run with it! My Mom LOVES Willow Tree Figurines–big, small, sets of them, ornament-style, you name it, she likes them. I’ve actually started a pretty solid collection because of her and think they make awesome pieces to pass down through the family. I think this one would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

#8 Cute Wristlet

My Mom has this Kate Spade Cedar Street Karolina Wristlet in green and carries it everywhere! It’s super handy, such a cute style, and is perfect to use when her shoulders need a break from carrying her usual handbags. It’s a simple silhouette that is guaranteed to get lots of compliments!

# 9 Gift Cards

Like I mentioned at the beginning, my Mom never really ‘wants’ anything so sometimes it’s best to just get a gift card. Starbucks, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, etc., you really can’t go wrong. Not anywhere near a major metro area with shopping spots galore? Pick-up a gift card for a local cafe, bookstore, or floral shop that your mom frequents instead!

#10 Robe

Not sure about you, but I’ve seen a few family members continue to wear robes that should’ve long been replaced. Talking to you Mom & Haley! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to gift a soft & cozy robe like this Barefoot Dreams one that comes in a ton of great color options or a lightweight, fun printed style like this one. I’d actually take one of each as well! 🙂

There you have it! Ideas for Mother’s Day at every price point and for every kind of Mom, Grandma, or special female in your life! Happy Shopping, loves! Hoping everyone has FABULOUS weekends–I’ll be co-hosting a Bridal Shower for Cassidy as well as housing a house-full of girls {plus Adam & my favorite, Palmer!!!} for the Bachelorette Party, so pray for us!!! xox

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