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Please excuse the interruption.

Instead of my usual Workout Wednesday roundup {and the BEST week I’ve had in probably a year to tell you about!}, I am inserting a fashion-focused post into its place to share another look for the Style Collective Summer Style Challenge. I know I skipped out on Day 2’s Summer Dresses theme in regards to an actual blog post but if you follow me on Snapchat {kristinkruse} or Instagram {@amidwesternmix} you will see the post was skipped for a worthy cause! Yesterday we spent the morning at MAGNOLIA SILOS in Waco and it was beyond amazing. I’ll be sharing some photos and a short recap from our southern day trip next week 🙂 So because I didn’t get a post up for Tuesday’s look, I’m back on this sunny Wednesday with Day 3’s theme: Rompers/Jumpsuits.

These shorts are WAY too short.

I’m obsessed with the print of this romper! It’s bold, vibrant and unlike anything else I own. It immediately caught my eye when I picked it up last year before a trip to Cancun but after wearing it for a dinner down there, I realized that the shorts were basically inappropriate to be wearing in public. Such a shame! I knew when I ordered it that it was going to be short but at just about 5’5″, things that look short on models aren’t usually as obnoxiously short on my body. Not the case here; however I feel like because the longer sleeves balance it out, I can get away with donning it in a controlled atmosphere {or for a quick blog shoot ;-)}.  Honestly, this may be the first look I have ever put together to post about that I wasn’t truly, madly, deeply in love with. I mean, I do love it, it’s just not practical for all circumstances! Isn’t that real life though!? We buy things that we may slightly regret but have to figure out a way to maximize them since we all know returning things is one of the biggest hassles ever…OR maybe that’s just me and I admitted something completely embarrassing. Sorry for the overshare!

I’m actually failing more than once today!

Since I’ve basically NOT sold any of you on the need to have this romper {blogger fail}, I will keep up that negative news and let you know that literally my entire look is old/unavailable. Gosh, I am on a ROLL! Don’t get me wrong, I actually really really like how the boldness of the romper takes center stage with the nude wedges {a go-to of mine that are sold-out} and the light pink clutch {color is now unavailable}! These sunglasses ARE available though and you can get them FREE for a month from Ditto with code ‘MIDWESTMIX’ so that is worth something right?! 🙂 I’m a huge fan of rompers; loving the simple fact that no matching is required. They’re usually wearable just about anywhere and everywhere: weddings, dinner dates, brunches, etc. so I love picking up new ones! A few of my current favorites are this simple black lace-up, this printed option, this scalloped pink cutie and this simple cream one. Now I’m going to get a positive attitude readjustment, hit the 95* asphalt for a run this morning and then head over for a massive iced latte. HAPPY Wednesday, babes!

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Romper (sold-out, similar here) / Wedges / Clutch / Pearls / Sunglasses via Ditto

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