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Finding legit friends is HARD!

Seriously…no one ever tells you that once you grow up, finding legit girl friends is tough the hardest thing ever. My core group of lovely ladies from my days at Iowa State are my lifers. I know that no matter how many weeks or months pass between actually seeing them in person, we can instantly pick up right where we left off. Between working, doing things around the house, etc. your time to go out and invest in solid friendships once your ‘younger’ days are over is limited. Plus there is a fine line between finding fun girls to grab a drink with and those who are genuine, awesome people who you can actually do life with. Sure when I’m struggling I can always pick up the phone and call my bestest & oldest friends, Brittany and Chelsea, to vent to or ask for guidance but sometimes I sincerely need some face-to-face time with another, non-related female. Since moving to Omaha, I never really went out of my way to generate long-standing friendships. I was working 55+ hours/week, had Kyle as my roomie and thought some of the girls I was working with at the time were my ‘friends.’ That word is in quotes because I learned most of them were not the types of friends I wanted or needed in my life. Then my sister Haley moved in with us and I have a built-in buddy to do everything with, so no need to cultivate any relationships because she was here! 🙂 Eventually Haley would move out a year and a half later and gone was my errand-running/clothes sharing/venting outlet. Not long after she left I began to struggle with the need for a friend but I also was exhausted at the end of the work day and with the amount of traveling we did/do on the weekends, I just never felt like I had time to go join a small group or commit to anything where there was a potential to meet some gal pals. There was such a pulling on my heart to get it together. I was lonely but not in the way most people think of being lonely…I had Kyle {& Beckett!} who was and is always willing to go on a coffee run, hit the grocery store with me and see an afternoon movie but my loneliness came from wanting someone who was going through the same point in life as me, in the SAME city.

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

This verse kept popping up on me late last Fall. In the most random of times and situations. I started praying for a true ‘friend.’ Some things are just ‘God things’ I think and this was one of them because in late December I got an email from a girl, and fellow Omaha blogger at Sweet and Modern, named Gina who let me know she found my blog and wanted to just say hello and introduce herself. Little did she know {after I stalked her blog & Facebook a bit ;-)} I would take that simple email and run with it. I took a leap of faith that she was as normal & sweet as she appeared online and asked if she would want to grab coffee/wine after the craziness of the holidays died down. She kindly agreed and a month later we met up for happy hour. {OMGSH, Gina is probably cringing at this point because it sounds like a damn first date. Oh well!!!} After I got home that evening Kyle asked me how drinks were and I’m pretty sure I cried and declared that ‘I have finally found a FRIEND!’

Gina has been a saint.

No joke, this girl is the real deal, genuinely awesome friend that I needed in my life. She’s instantly become someone that I send a text to when I need to vent or need advice or have a makeup/beauty-related question. She encouraged me throughout my entire job search process, sat front row with me during Omaha Fashion Week, and is always up for wine, coffee, or Barre classes. Gina also knows about our current infertility struggles and how crappy my work life was in the Spring. I love that we have insanely hectic schedules between the both of us and that that is ok. Some friendships seem to need constant reassurance but we both know how busy the other is and we plan pedicure dates {or Cycling classes like we did last night!} whenever we get the chance.

I know this post is way more ‘personal’ than most of mine are but I felt compelled to share. Female friendships are as necessary for our personal & spiritual growth as they are for our sanity! I’ve finally become content with having a fewer, stronger friendships than an array of surface-level ones. All that being said, how have YOU ladies been able to create new friendships as adults? Have you joined specific groups or organizations to help foster relationships? I’d love to hear! **Also, I would like to say THANK YOU to all my amazing Style Collective & blogging girlfriends! If only you all lived closer because that would literally make my year! And also, thank you to my friend/neighbor Emily. She doesn’t have a blog so I can’t link y’all to her but she’s also been an awesome sounding board and friend for the last 3.5 years! She knows exactly how to respond when I need fertility advice or to bitch about fireworks or for a good recipe!**

Today’s #ThursdayThree is all over the board; sorry about that! My brain is a jumbled mess today so it only makes sense that this post kind of is too. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but I feel like a crazy person at the moment. HELP! Also, I knocked out a 6:15am OrangeTheory ‘Tornado’ […]

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{Best buddies!} {We seriously catch the best sunrises on our runs/walks!} {Best part of yoga @ home is wearing whatever the F I want to!} {results from Sunday’s class!} Coming at you with this week’s routine. Hoping your Wednesday flies by! 🙂 Wednesday – 4.5 mile Run The heat & humidity have been absolutely brutal […]

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Every girl needs a little red dress. It’s an unwritten rule in my mind and one that I think should be etched in fashion stone. I honestly believe red is a universally flattering color no matter what your skin tone or hair color may be. Sure there are softer hues of the bold color that could […]

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Instagram Roundup-Pink

Friday calls for an Instagram Roundup! Anyone else feel like this week went by super slowly?! UGHHH. I’m SO GLAD we’re on the homestretch. Only a few more hours and I’m off to southeastern South Dakota for a wedding this evening–can’t wait! Still debating on my outfit. Shocking! The wedding is outside and it’s supposed to be […]

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{image credit: Shops @ North Bridge} Anyone sick of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts?! Another Thursday is upon us and instead of the usual Food, Fitness & Fashion roundup, I decided to focus today’s #ThursdayThree on the #NSale because it’s that good. If you are sick of seeing these posts, you’re going to hate me…if not, stick […]

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{No judging the love handles, thick thighs & lack of makeup mmmk!?} Shop my look here: Sports Bra / Leggings (on sale!) / Nikes Keeping the girls in place can be a real struggle. Am I right, ladies!? Whether you’re blessed in the chest or {like me} have hardly anything up to top speak of, […]

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Olive this dress! 😉 Yeah, that was cheesy I know. But I do! I really LOVE this olive dress. Slip dress are so ‘in’ right now and this one is no exception. The simple fact that it comes in comes in 7 solid colors, a few patterned options and is under $60 makes it the perfect […]

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I’ve created a monster. Ok, so no, Kyle is NO WHERE NEAR AS CRAZY AS ME. Buttttttt with that being said, it’s nearly impossible to be married to me and not have my love of certain brands rub off. Kyle is not a label-whore in any sense, however he is incredibly picky when it comes to […]

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It’s HERE! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now LIVE for all Nordstrom Card Holders. I’ve been counting down the days hours until access was granted and I have barely been able to peel my eyes away from the screen to get this post put together. Today I’m coming at you with the TOP 10 items […]

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