Month: August 2016

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It’s that time of the week again…Workout Wednesday!

I’ve been traveling the last 3 days for work and being couped up in a hotel room has been a nice little reminder that I do not have the desire to be a road warrior. Props to all you wonderful ladies who literally travel for work for a living–I have no idea how you handle it, but way to kill it! ūüôā Anyway, with the sad excuse for a gym my hotel has and the fact that with only 3 cardio machines, fitting in my normal morning workout routine has been basically impossible. I love to try out new gyms & boutique classes when I’m in a different city but unfortunately I didn’t drive on this trip so I’m without a means to get somewhere! Because of that, and because I have a really good sized room, I’ve instead resorted to some good old bodyweight workouts that won’t disturb the neighbors below. No equipment and minimal space is required from 5 of my favorites {3 of which I did this week!} from the web. I set up my laptop on the desk, cleared out the end table and shifted the couch a bit and was all set!

¬†Tone It Up’s ‘Love Your Body with HIIT

An oldie but a goodie! I double-dipped on this routine this morning and got a nice, 40 minute sweat session in. Despite the simple moves, I definitely felt it which is a great sign.

Pumps & Iron’s ‘Small Space AMRAP

Lucked out with getting an open treadmill on Tuesday morning so I did a quick 2 mile jog and then headed back up to my room to knock this AMRAP routine out. I like how there is a lot of ab work incorporated in these moves but that it doesn’t include any traditional ab moves.

PopSugar’s ‘Barre Abs

I’ve done this quick 10-minute video the last two nights before bed and believe me, I’m thrilled it was only 10 minutes. My abs were feeling major burn after!

Shape’s ‘Ultimate Hotel Room Workout

I’ve used this workout during previous travels and it’s a great option for a total body workout with no equipment. I usually complete it 3x through for maximum effect. If I have my interval timer with me, I set it so that I’m resting minimally between moves and sets.

Yoga with Adriene’s ‘Dorm Room Yoga

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Adriene and all of her amazing yoga videos. This one is my go-to on the road because it’s great for opening up after being cramped in a car or on a plane. 30 minutes and you feel completely refreshed & rejuvenated.

For those of you that travel regularly or even live in a small space, how do you fit workouts in?! I’d love to hear more ideas and workouts that I can incorporate into my next work trip! ūüôā

Lost time is never found again. – Benjamin Franklin That quote has been on my mind lately and as I think about how August is just about over and the fact we’re about ready to head into a new season, it resonates more than ever. Where did the weekend go? Where has this month went? […]

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Happy Friday, babes! Where the heck did this week go!? I seriously cannot believe it is Friday. Yesterday I had my first major event at my new job and with the exception of a few tiny hiccups, everything went really smoothly. I love seeing hard work, time and effort come to fruition; and it definitely […]

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Shop the Bedroom: Headboard / Comforter / Blanket / Throw / Pillow / Loveseat Shop the Bedroom: Headboard / Comforter / Blanket / Lumbar Pillow¬†/¬†Ottoman Shop the Office: Desk / Chair / ¬†File Storage¬†¬†File Organizer / Tray¬†/¬†Desk Blotter / Pencil Caddy Pottery Barn and my bank account aren’t great friends. I know I’m not the […]

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Spoiler alert: this outfit will have your craving Fall. Today, as Day 2 of my Regency Court showcase continues, I’ve teamed up with Evereve. Together we created a look that is cool, casual and 100% my style. From the moment I walked into the store and was greeted by store manager Julie, I knew instantly […]

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This week I’m SO excited to be featuring a few of the amazing spots inside Omaha’s Regency Court. Over the next few days I will be sharing some of my favorite spots within the mall and focusing on how they can get you ready to head back to school and transition into Fall. One of […]

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White denim is always the answer. Anytime I am stumped on what to wear to appear a bit dressier but not ‘dressed up’ I put on a pair of white denim. There is something so clean and classic about them that just makes me feel like I’m not overdressed or under-dressed but dressed just right. […]

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#1 Desserts There is no denying that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Like dessert before dinner, or actually more like dessert instead of dinner, is not an uncommon occurrence in our house. Kyle is almost the opposite, which is probably a good balance. He could eat nachos for every meal the same way I […]

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I don’t love my abs. Not currently & likely not ever. As someone who has never been a fan of my stomach, I’ve tried literally everything to whittle my middle. I mean even in High School when I was in-season and in shape, I didn’t like how my stomach looked. Helllllo, I chose to get […]

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Summer vibes are still alive & going strong here in Nebraska! While this weekend may have been a few degrees cooler than the last 8 weeks, the Summer heat is still in full force. I’m holding onto it for dear life and spent some time both Saturday & Sunday soaking up the rays on the […]

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