Month: March 2017

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I’ll take as many fun, flirty rompers as possible.

One of my favorite things about the romper trend is that you literally have to put zero thought into your outfit. Like throw on a super cute romper and you’re basically ready to head out the door. Investing in a good strapless bra is a necessity {THIS ONE is my all-time fav} but other than that, you can get away with simple shoes and minimal accessories and instantly have an effortless look. Just as easily though, you can amp up the jewels and add a sky high sandal to walk into date night with a statement. These two off-the-shoulder rompers are from Jill Dudzinksi’s boutique hello Ruby and everyone needs them. BOTH of them. When I first saw them on the hangars I was nervous because they looked so short/tiny but I feel in love with each of them, for different reasons, as soon as I tried them on. This delicate white romper immediately took me back to some of the pieces I wore when I was a little girl and who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane!? It has so many subtle details from the tiny buttons to the flutter-y sleeves and cut-outs along the edges that it catches your eye right away! And this floral number!? Obsessed is an understatement. It’s buttery soft and I’ve told Kyle about 15x that I could sleep it in because I love it so much. The best news, besides the fact that these rompers are Spring/Summer staples, is that YOU can get your hands on them TOMORROW! hello Ruby is finally opening its truck doors to the public and I couldn’t be more excited.
I’m super excited to have y’all meet Jill, the mastermind behind this unique/fabulous/awesome concept! For you Omaha gals, I’ll be joining her and some other amazing ladies at Ted & Wally’s downtown for the GRAND OPENING so be sure to stop by between 11am-4pm to say hello 🙂 

Introduce yourself and give us all the DL on your life:

I was born and raised in Omaha and graduated from UNL with a degree in business. I’ve had jobs after college that were great but I wasn’t 100% passionate about them.

What the heck is a ‘mobile boutique’ and why did you leave your corporate job to start one?

I can find anywhere to shop. Honestly. This business concept ties in everything I love: shopping, fashion and business. I am making my own destiny with what I love and it can be empowering to think about. Call it a mobile boutique, fashion truck, wandering boutique, traveling boutique, delivery truck turned boutique, I don’t care! Just remember hello Ruby and the fun and innovative experience it brings!

Where can one find the Hello Ruby truck and it’s fabulous fashions? 

I post a schedule on Facebook (pin it to the top for the week), Instagram and my website. You can also text hello ruby at 402-880-0640 to see where we’ll be!

Who are your personal style icons and/or muses?

Jennifer Aniston (duh) her looks in friends from 20 years ago are still on point. Carrie Bradshaw because come on.

Any advice for other girl bosses out there considering making the transition to owning their own company and being their own boss?

Be confident and go for it. There’s never a good time to do anything. Make the decision and stick with it to give it your all. Surround yourself with others to support you along the way and join events with other like-minded people you can rely on.


    Brand? Honeypunch

    Destination? San Diego. Am I lame?

    Drink? Vodka Press

    Way to unwind? Watching Real Housewives or anything on Bravo

    Quote: “You only have one life, go out and play” – my Mom who passed away from breast cancer when I was 10. My license plate says “go play”

#1 Peanut Chicken Zoodles I’m always pinning new recipes and seeking out healthy(ish) alternatives to some of Kyle and I’s favorite meals and THIS Peanut Chicken Zoodles recipe was a major success. Usually when I made zoodles I serve/eat them cold but this particular recipe called for them to be heated in a skillet for […]

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Another weekly workout recap coming at you today! Most people hate Mondays–me included, usually!–but no one hates Workout Wednesdays, right!? Kidding. I’m sure many people loathe working out in general so the idea that this day is dubbed ‘Workout Wednesday’ by some is probably super annoying. I apologize. For those of you that aren’t annoyed, […]

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Spring trends are in full force! Now that the first full week of Spring has passed us, I’m seriously ready to shelf my cozy turtlenecks and dark skinnys for lighter denim and breezy tops. Sure I know that I’ll have to have an easy cardigan or lightweight pullover on standby, yet I can’t help but […]

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On Fridays I wear pink. I also have been wearing it every other day of the week lately as well. There’s something so subtle and feminine about blush tones and I cannot get enough. Branching out from my typical black, grey and white wardrobe, I’ve added so many soft pink tones to my wardrobe that […]

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#1 Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato This Starb’s drink is so good, IMO, that it’s getting it’s own shout out today. It was introduced about a month ago but I was hesitant to try because I’m loyal to my go-to drink and because I knew this would cost me like $12. Then I earned a free […]

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Protein isn’t just for the boys! I used to be so scared of protein, protein powders, etc. but then I realized that it wasn’t just a thing guys took to bulk up and look bro-ish at the gym. A little bit naive and a lot a bit uninformed was my viewpoint when I was younger […]

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It’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Babes, we’ve made it! Winter is FINALLY out, at least according to the calendar, and warm weather should be on its way! Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in Omaha and it was a absolute spirit-lifter for me. I’ve mentioned before that I have a little bit of seasonal ‘blues’ […]

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#1 RXBARS If you would’ve told me that something with egg whites, almonds, cashews and dates as the main ingredients would taste really good, I would’ve rolled my eyes at you and called you crazy. But then I actually tried RXBARS for myself and now I’m hooked. They’re filling and once you get past the […]

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Tank / Shorts / Shoes / FlipBelt I’m 5 1/2 weeks out from RACE DAY! After getting a really early start on Half Marathon training, Cassidy and I are well over halfway into the Hal Higdon program we chose and less than 6 weeks from our race. Each of us has had a few minor […]

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