I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for TWO YEARS!

It is so crazy how fast time flies. So many things have changed over the past two years…there’s been ups, downs, fun trips, a new job, a new puppy and lots of laughter {plus some tears}. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to each and every person that I’ve connected with along this journey. Some fantastic friendships have come into fruition because of this platform and I am thankful that a little step out of my comfort zone and into the public eye has allowed me to work with some of my absolute favorite brands and companies. A lot of girls have put together fabulous giveaways & collaborations to celebrate their Blog-iversary {love the idea!} but I wanted to keep things pretty simple over here. Plus, in all honesty, my full-time job/Half Marathon training/tons of travel have occupied all of my time lately and this 2 year anniversary kind of sneaked up on me! There are probably a few dozen people I could, or should, thank individually but that would take forever so the only person who I’ll call out specifically is Kyle. He’s been the most supportive Instagram/Blog Husband ever; he may roll his eyes when I stop him for an outfit picture before going into a restaurant or get irritated when I need to take a picture of our coffee before drinking or our feet after talking the dogs for a walk, but he does it without complaining. So thanks, bubba! And now with that, THANK YOU to everyone else who’s encouraged me, supported me, followed along, ready posts, made purchases from my affiliate links, gave suggestions and critiques and genuinely invested even the smallest amount of interest in A Midwestern Mix.

Since it is a Thursday, I thought I’d put a spin on #ThursdayThree and re-share 3 top posts from my 2nd year of blogging:

#1 Cotton Midi 

This post meant so much to me. It’s the first time I publicly wrote about our fertility struggles and what our plans were to try and conceive {and people liked this basic midi dress!}. Fast forward almost exactly 9 months to the day I posted that and we’re still in the same spot. Multiple months of Clomid & Femara, 30+ self-administered shots to my stomach, more blood draws than I can count, ultrasound after ultrasound, a failed IUI attempt and so. many. appointments. Still to this day I have never seen a positive pregnancy test. Hopefully this is our year! IVF is the next step, so stay tuned!

#2 Workout Wednesday: Running Resolution

Ironic that this was my most-viewed Workout post {followed closely by THIS Ab post} since it was about my re-commitment to running and in yesterday’s post I recapped my Half Marathon experience. In the post I hit on three things I wanted to focus on as I tried to reignite my passion for the pavement: accountability partners, having a training plan and flexibility. I’m going to pat my own back here and say that I kept up with those resolutions almost perfectly in prep for last weekend’s race and my goal is to continue the same throughout the rest of this year!

#3 Grey on Black

Big shocker here! Not. This outfit is the epitome of my style: lots of black with grey. Everyone seemed to gravitate toward the simplicity and versatility of each of the pieces and THESE overly distressed denim were a big hit. According to my RewardStyle account, 11 people purchased them after this post went live. That’s crazy! But it also means 11 of you have an amazing pair of black denim that keep their shape, are a bit high-waisted and at an affordable $85 price-point in your closet now. Lucky you!