#1 Lavender Lattes

If you follow me on social media, you are probably sick of my obsession with Lavender Lattes. But I can’t help it. There is something about them that has me craving them at least twice a week! They’re refreshing, Spring-y and drinking one seems to instantly transport my state of mind to the positive. While they’re just a seasonal offering at all of the coffee shops I’ve tasted them at, I would be totally fine with them being a year-round staple. I’ve tried ones with honey, ones with white chocolate and then some with just the lavender by itself. Can’t say I’ve had a bad one! I definitely prefer my lattes over ice but I did try out Cassidy’s hot version a few weeks ago and didn’t have any complaints. So bear with me as I continue to order them, post about them and enjoy feeling like I’m in the South while sipping on them! ๐Ÿ™‚

#2 Massage Stick

Foam rolling is life for me right now. With my IT band issues and the mileage I’m running, rolling has been imperative for me. I recently got THIS massage stick to supplement my basic foam roller and it’s amazing. The massage option is insanely fabulous and it digs in a little deeper in spots that the smooth roller just can’t hit. Being hand-held also gives me more control over the amount of pressure put on the muscles and it’s nice to be able to chizzle major pain points and problem spots. It feels good to loosen up muscles even if you aren’t sore and I would be content with 60-minute massages daily so since that isn’t feasible, this is my next best option!

#3 Bronzers

I about as far from a makeup expert as one can possibly be. So take these few sentences with a grain of salt! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once my face starts to get a base tan and the humidity percentage rises, the only makeup I wear on my face is an oil-free primer and a few swipes of bronzer. No way do I have time to put on a full-face of makeup {and I’ll admit I have no idea how to put foundation on anyway}, especially when it will end up melting off by noon so my super basic routine works perfectly for me. Every May I research the F out of bronzer options but usually go back to one of my two defaults, THIS Nars option in Laguna or THIS Naked Palette. This Spring I decided to spend a few more $$ and test out the raved-about Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brickย and I can now say the hype is justified. It’s SO GOOD. I feel like I have a nice, sunkissed glow without looking like I just walked out of an orange spray tan booth. Seriously hoping the brand makes this foreverrr. I know it’s on the pricey side for makeup but I feel like I can justify the purchase since it’s touching my face almost daily! If you’re lucky, Nordstrom has been price-matching it and I was able to grab it at 10% off. What are your favorite bronzers?!