Mondays are hard.

I feel like I say something similar to that every single Monday morning! Sometimes there is a little bit of guilt about wishing away an entire day of the week but I think it has more to do with the fact that said week starts with an email inbox full of madness and an office that gets less and less appealing as the weather warms up and Summer knocks on the door. One thing I do love about Mondays is the refresh for all things fitness and food. Usually I’m pretty consistent with my eating over the weekend, and I get some of my hardest workouts & longest runs in as well, but there are also those extra calories from a double scoop of gelato or extra whip on that latte that has me ready to be back on track. This past weekend was overloaded with carbs but even more so it was overloaded with love. We flew back late yesterday morning from spending 4 days in the Dallas area with my parents and youngest sister and it was wonderful! Low-key, laid back and lotsss of good food. Being able to spend a few hours with my Mama on Mother’s Day and surprise her with French Toast for breakfast was the perfect kick start to what is going to be a long week.

One in every color, please!

My thoughts are exactly that when I think about THIS cami. I loved the Topshop camis from last year and doubted I’d be as thrilled by the updated version for this Spring but I was pleasantly surprised! Since I’m on the shorter side, the slightly cropped length works out perfectly for me to pair with my favorite high-waisted denim just as easily as my new high-waisted cut-offs. With 12 colors to choose from it’s nearly impossible to not find one {or 12} that you need! I’m really trying to add more color to my life, in terms of clothes & other things, so I knew that the vibrant green hue just had to be mine. I absolutely love how it accentuates the bit of color I got last week and despite having green eyes, it’s a color I have none of. So glad I was able to change that! 🙂 The combination of this look is equal parts casual and cool and the vibe it gives off seems so cheerful to me. While I’d have to add a simple blazer or jacket over the cami to make it appropriate for the office, it makes a great layering piece for dress pants and skirts! Cost-per-wear is next to nothing so it makes it one of my MUSTS for this month; and likely will be throughout the rest of the warmer months. I’m now off to down some coffee and count down the hours until 6:30pm. If you want to see why I’m looking forward to this evening, check out my Instagram stories. 🙂 While you’re at it, send Kyle & I some positive vibes if you can! xox

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