Finding workout motivation can be tough!

I absolutely love working out and usually I look forward to whatever fitness routine I have planned for the following morning when I crawl into bed and set my alarm. But then there are times that I don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to get up, get moving and work up a sweat but more like I’m viewing it as a requirement instead of a choice. Those days that feel like I’m forcing myself into something are the days where my breathing is more labored, my legs feel heavier and the time passes by super slow. I haven’t quite been able to pinpoint why exactly my mood differs on random mornings or if there is anything that triggers the attitude of resentment rather than of gratitude that I am healthy and able to exercise but I’m trying really hard to be conscious of the reason(s) so I can combat them immediately with the proper method(s). There are three things that I seem to revert back to any time my body tells me no when my mind says yes or vice versa and I thought that maybe one or more of these might help someone else who finds themselves in a similar mindset! I found myself with a ‘G’ theme in regards to the three ways I’ve motivated myself on those off days so that’s what I stuck with.


When motivation is lacking, I channel my thoughts to what I’m thankful for. Reminding myself of things I’m grateful for: legs that can run, stamina, strong lungs, a sunny day, the financial means to afford fitness classes, the access to great running trails, etc. Not everyone has those things. Not everyone can lace up their shoes and hit the pavement for an hour or hop in their car to attend an OrangeTheory class. But because I can, I am grateful. That in itself is motivation to take advantage of the blessings that I’ve been given and not take them for granted. What is more motivating than seeing someone with ratty, beat-up shoes and old workout clothes walking laps around the lake? I mean, c’mon! It’s just proof that excuses need to be thrown out the window. A friend of mine suffers from CF and her lungs aren’t strong. She physically cannot exert herself. But I can and when I’m feeling blah, I remember that I don’t have to think twice about my ability to breathe normally and that gets me off my butt and motivated to break a sweat.


It’s A-OK to take a rest. I’ve discovered that by giving myself some grace and allowing for an off day each week, or even two if my body really needs it, isn’t doing anything negative to me. I’m not trying to train for an Iron Man {huge props to those who have done one–I admire, and slightly envy, you!} or win my next race. I’m trying to keep my heart healthy, fit comfortably in anything I want to wear and keep my sanity at a high and stress levels at a low. It is totally fine for me not to be super woman or have an 8-pack and reminding myself of that on a regular basis is key. When I show my own body some grace and allow it to be calm it always seems like the next day my output in a workout is awesome. A little bit of a recharge is good and not beating myself for taking time away is key. There are also times when it’s my mind that isn’t focused on a workout so switching out a high-intensity routine for some yoga & quiet time instead and allowing my mind some grace is also super important. Balance, babes. Right?!


Since this is a lot more vain than the two above, I saved gear for last. But I think it’s totally fine to be motivated by new workout gear. A new pair of shoes can add an extra spring in your step, while a new sports bra might make you feel like you can jump a little higher since the girls will be held in nicely! 😉 Plus, most people don’t realize you need to swap out your fitness clothing MUCH quicker than your regular apparel. Bet ya didn’t know that the average lifespan of your capris/leggings is only 6-12 months. So yes, those $118 Lululemon pants you’re obsessed with and wear to classes regularly…probably need to wave bye to them after a year(ish)! Yikes! For me, I try to keep the new stuff to somewhat of a minimum but if I’m in a rut, it can usually be remedied with a neon tank or cute headband for sure.

How do you deal with a lack of motivation to workout? Experiencing it right now?! I’d love to hear how you combat any negative energy or thoughts! Happy Wednesday babes!