Fridays in floral!

Maybe I could make that a thing?! Honestly, I have minimal floral print in my closet so I surprised even myself when I fell in love with this drapey tunic. The flowery vibes are something I usually like on others but end up feeling too childish in so I have all but given up on making this trend happen for me. And I have no problem passing on certain trends that I don’t have luck making ‘me’ so I wasn’t all that disappointed. I mean not everything works for everyone, right?! Yet I kept seeing floral patterns that I loved but the clothing or shoe or bag itself was what would end up turning me off. No, I don’t want a floral crop top. No, that swimsuit looks like one I wore when I was 4. I’m built like a Softball player, not a Barbie so the ultra-feminine pieces just don’t seem to look right on me and I’ve come to accept that. But then the clouds parted and I finally had some luck! I was introduced to the super cute boutique, Filly Flair, a few months ago and was in awe that I was actually adding things with flowers to my cart! Their selection of adorable & affordable fashion is crazy good. They are mostly an online retailer but do have one store in Sioux Falls, SD so if you’re ever in the area you have to stop in! In addition to THIS freaking awesome tunic, I also snagged a kimono {finally!}, another floral OTS piece and a flirty cold shoulder blouse. Obsessed.

A little Texas wind.

Last week when we were in Texas I had the opportunity to shoot a ton of photos because the lighting and plethora of new settings was insane. But one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the hurricane-like winds that we had pretty much the entire time. As you can clearly tell from these pictures, sometimes the wind can create a nice little hair flip and other times it can basically make you look bald. Ooooh how fun! 😉 Since the temps were a little cooler that I expected on our first day down there, I opted to bare only my legs and keep my arms covered. It turned out to be the smart choice because everyone we popped into was freezing cold. Like AC on full blast cold. Not my favorite by any means but sometimes you just have to sacrifice a bit of comfort in the name of fashion. HA! These shorts are MUCH shorter than what I usually prefer but the cut is super flattering and they’re a fun alternative to the other pairs in my closet. A bit of a splurge but catch them at the right time and you may be able to snag them on sale like I did. {I’m wear my usual size 26 and they’re a bit big in the waist but I wanted to make sure they were plenty loose in the leg opening so I would say the run pretty much TTS} I loved how this light blue tunic {also comes in 2 other color options!} created contrast with the darker denim and the bow sandals added a fun pop to finish everything off. Knot the floral top to pair better with cut-offs like I did here or simply leave it loose over a pair of skinny jeans worn with a wedge for an easy date night look.

Big plans this weekend?! For the first time in over a month Kyle and I have NO WEEKEND PLANS. All the praise hands for some needed R&R. The forecast is calling for lots of rainy weather so I’m hoping to sneak in a long run, OrangeTheory class, lots of reading and finishing up the final ‘Spring Cleaning’ that is on my to-do list. Happy Friday, lovelies! xox

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