So. Many. Pretty. Things.

Every year Nordstrom seems to up the anti for their Anniversary Sale and this year has not disappointed. At least I haven’t been disappointed. My bank account may say otherwise butttttttt this is a once-a-year thing AND we’re able to shop Fall pieces so I’m not letting myself feel bad about it. 🙂 My first few {ok 5, oops!} purchases were clothes & shoes only but my 6th purchase has been dedicated to beauty/bags/accessories because they deserve a spotlight of their own. Have you ever noticed how makeup rarely, if ever, goes on sale? There’s clearly a reason behind that–not that I know what that reason is–but during the #Nsale you are able to get your hands on some of the best brands at a fraction of their typical cost. It’s the perfect time to stock up on your favorite mascaras, awesome gift sets and more! Same goes for accessories. Such great deals on scarves, jewels & even some adorable sunglasses. And lets just observe a moment of silence for the INSANELY AMAZING deals on some of the top designer bags. Swoon. I’m sharing my favorites from a few different categories below + what I’ve personally purchased from the beauty & accessory sections. What have your favorites been so far?!

What I’ve Purchased



Body/Hair Care/Tools/Fragrances