Mondays are too much.

Aren’t they, though? They’re demanding, they sneak up on you and they require more attention than we really should have to give them. All in favor of 3–or even 4–day weekends say ‘I’ loud and proud! Honestly for me, Mondays aren’t nearly as bad as they use to be. Instead of dragging my bright-eyed late self into a stuffy corporate office, I now head outside in shorts + a tank & a sports bra to work. And our current hours are only 10-6 so I seriously can’t complain. It also helps that the sun & fresh air give me all the feels and the small team we have at the moment is fabulous. There’s so much truth behind the fact that when you find something you truly love and are passionate about in a job that it becomes so much more than work and more so yet another facet of life. Why it took me nearly 7 years after college to figure that out is beyond me but better now than 10 years from now or even maybe never! So while Mondays themselves can still suck it, I don’t dislike them nearly as much as I use to.

This dress is definitely NOT too much.

I’ve been drawn to a lot of feminine pieces lately and it has kind of surprised me. I think it has a lot to do with me wearing a lot of athletic wear and minimal makeup during the days so when I am getting dressed for the evenings/weekends I want to let my girly side reign. Whether it’s been lace, floral, soft pastel tones or a bright lip, I can’t stop adding pretty things to my online carts. I even ordered two new bras {THIS ONE in Cherry & Cosmetic} to liven up what’s going on underneath as well. I’m quite proud of myself actually! In the Spring I was feeling like my style was going a bit stagnant; not that I didn’t have plenty of clothes to choose from but that I was lacking inspiration within my own closet and didn’t have a desire to really put an effort into my style. The Universe has realigned for me and that enthusiasm is back in full force. That is both good news for my soul and for the blog! I have so many fun looks pulled for the next few weeks, as well as for early Fall because clearly the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is/was full of ALL the Fall goodies.

So back to this actual look…pink + ruffles + a floral print? Usually I’d say ‘too much‘ but I really don’t think it is! It’s such an fun mini dress and it has a fabulous twirl factor. Because it’s quite loud, it requires minimalism everywhere else. These wedges were a no-brainer to pair with the OTS dress and I’ve been SO HAPPY with how much use I have gotten from them. I was a little skeptical on the price-tag because in reality they’re only really a shoe I can wear a few months out of the year but they’ve already paid for themselves! Super loose, soft waves and my engraved bar necklace complete one of the most simple Summer looks. Whether you need an easy outfit for a Bridal Shower or something to throw on for a date night, you can’t beat the price–only $20!–or the dress itself. I found a few other very similar options, too! Loving the vampy vibes of THIS mini, the soft hues of THIS one are perfection, can’t beat the price of THIS cutie and I’m obsessed with the extra details of THIS dress.

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