#1 Fresh Zucchini

‘Tis the season for fresh veggies and I absolutely love it! Nothing more organic than digging something right out of your in-laws amazing garden that they weed and water by hand. Because Kyle’s parents have a bomb.com garden, we reap the benefits! From lettuce to jalapenos to tomatoes and sweet potatoes, you want it and it’s almost a guarantee they grow it. Last week when they came to stay with me while the boy was in Canada they brought me the most fabulous zucchini EVER. It’s not a vegetable I buy too often at the store unless I’m craving zoodles but it is one that I absolutely love. The past few days we’ve had zucchini bread, I’ve blended it into morning smoothies, sauteed it in a stir fry and grilled it with peppers & salmon. Is your mouth watering yet? I’d be happy to send you one of the 6lb-ers that we have left!

#2 Cupping

Ok friends, I need input! I’ve been researching the benefits of cupping like CRAZY and I think I’m ready to do it! But I want to hear YOUR thoughts and opinions if you’ve done it. My sciatic nerve issues and herniated disks have really been giving me hell lately and I need an alternative for some relief. I just can’t anymore with any kind of medicine and while chiropractic adjustments help, I still have a little uncertainty about increasing the number of times I’m seeing my Chiro each month. This is where cupping comes in…I’ve heard it can relieve all sorts of random things and I’m into it. Share please!

#3 Best of ‘What’s Left’ : Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Anyone else miss out on an item or a number of pieces that they were hoping to snag during the #Nsale? I sure did. I have literally placed 10 orders and still, on the daily, I’m patiently waiting for a few Activewear pieces, this sweater in grey and a pair of PJs to be restocked. The PJs aren’t such a disappointment since I was able to grab them in blue but now I want them in at least 1 other color because they’re literally so good. #realworldproblems I feel like anything that has ‘come back’ is only available for a split-second before someone hits purchase and the piece is sold out yet again. Don’t worry though, I’ve rounded up 6 things below that are still either fully-stocked, or pretty dang close, that you may have overlooked but that are totally worth ordering! My #1 suggestion is definitely THIS bra. Every girl needs it. It is hands-down the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. After a sports bra of course 😉

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