Being basic in black!

We’ve made it to Friday Monday?! Wait what? Where did this weekend go? Last week was kind of a blur…thankfully I had a ‘Girl’s Night’ on Wednesday evening that broke the week up perfectly. But it definitely cost me some precious sleep so I spent the back half of the week dragging a bit. Oh so worth it, though! I’ve heard people say that once you find your ‘tribe’ that everything just kind of falls into place and I swear these three gals I had wine with on Wednesday night are like long-lost sisters. We all are super fitness-driven, each been married 5+ years and are polite but slightly trucker-mouthed! πŸ˜‰ Basically matches made in Heaven. Plus it’s impossible to beat being able to go makeup-less and in leggings to someone else’s house and not think twice about it. Since I’m the only one of us 4 without little kiddos, I’m borrowed an adorable, small child last Friday morning so I could tag along with them to the Omaha Zoo. The weather took a crazy insane turn over the past week morning–like our windows have been open for a few days & we haven’t had to run the AC!–so today we’re still reaping the benefits and it’s absolutely gorgeous out! Saturday Kyle’s sister and brother-in-law came to town and we did our own little drinking tour around my favorite little spots in Benson and ended the night with a dance party/rave in our living room. No shame!

Beyond a basic tee.

This choker tee is my new favorite. I loved it so much {wearing a size Small} that I ordered it in 3 colors. It’s great to wear now with cut-offs and sandals but will be equally as perfect once the weather stays chilly underneath a cardigan or moto jacket. I’m all about the basics: ripped denim, neutral mules, a go-to white button up but the choker aspect of this tee gives it a bit of oomph while still being understated. Anyone sick of seeing me wear these shorts yet? Well too bad because they ain’t going anywhere πŸ˜‰ Honestly, they’re a bit on the pricey side but I think I’ve got their cost-per-wear down to like $1 sooo #justified. Best purchase from the Spring by far. I’m actually considering buying the exact same pair just so that I have a back-up once I wear these out. With my luck they’ll discontinue them and then I’ll be super mad that I didn’t just buy then twice. Newest philosophy: ‘Is it so nice? Buy it twice.‘ Much much much to Kyle’s dismay. Quick second for a shout out about THIS clutch too. I mean, c’mon. Could it be any cuter? The tribal print is on-trend and the size is ideal for fitting your date night essentials. I’m confident it’s going to get a ton of use this Fall!

Ok babes, I’m off to finishing conquering this manic Monday. I’ll be back with some fun ways to keep up your workout regime despite the long, hot Summer days so stay tuned! xox

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