It’s hot almost everywhere.

Yes, I’m well aware that it is Summer and Summers in most places are HOT. I’m also a huge fan of warm, sometimes even really warm, weather. But I can’t be the only one who thinks the past 4-6 weeks have been something else. When I look at Omaha’s 10-day forecast, I cringe. I also cringe when I ask Alexa ‘what is the temperature right now’ and she tells me 80-something and it’s not even 7am. Luckily the past few days have been insanely awesome in the weather department for us here but I know not every part of the country has been so lucky. So because of that, and at the request of a few followers, I’m sharing three different ways to keep your workout regime going when it’s too hot to function. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to handle a run in 90% humidity or has access to a nice, cool pool to swim laps for their sweat session so I’m talking about ways I stay motivated in the hottest months of the year.

Early, Early Mornings

While this seems like a no-brainer, I’m still saying it. Set your alarm 45 minutes earlier than usual and get your sweat on before you start your day and before the temps have a chance to creep up to those unbearable digits. I personally love early AM sessions. I feel like my day gets going on the right foot, my mood and energy levels are so much better, eating habits are in check and I sleep more soundly at night. I workout on a fasted stomach but if you’re usually an afternoon or evening exerciser and are use to having some food in you prior to a workout, I’d suggest getting up another 5-10 minutes earlier and downing a small cup of coffee + half a banana to get you going. The humidity tends to be quite high before and as the sun is coming up but you avoid direct sunlight and hotter temps so it’s totally worth it in my opinion. Plus you avoid the chance of making any excuses when the thermometer ticks above 100* when you get off work!

The Buddy System

Get a friend. A friend who holds you accountable to make your workouts and uphold your commitments. Get more than one if you’ve got lofty goals! When you know someone is waiting for you to go paddle boarding or is meeting you at a 6:15am Yoga session, it’s 100x harder to not show up. Not only are you missing out on ‘friend-time’ but you’re also potentially leaving someone hanging. Plus it’s always nice to have someone to roll your eyes at when the trainer says that you’re next move is to row 1000m. Those that sweat together stay together! So I made that up but it sounds legit and it’s a philosophy I whole-heartedly support.

Indoor Classes/Competition

Sure outdoors races are what everyone usually thinks of in terms of athletic competitions but there are lots of other options as well. Indoor/Sprint Triathlons like I recently did are a great way to get the competitive juices flowing, get in a quick yet intense workout and take advantage of air conditioning and fans. If you don’t have one nearby, taking an indoor cycling class or any other class where you know they’ll be air is a glorious alternative to the glaring sun. Summer is also a great time to try out a new studio or new style of workout class. A lot of places offer your first class, or even your first week, for free so take advantage of those options! You never know what might get you hooked! 🙂 Next up on my list is finding a place to try out boxing!!!

Do you struggle with fitting in workouts during the hot Summer months? How do you combat the ‘Summer slump‘ that lots of people fall into!?