On Mondays we wear maxis.

Dresses not pads. Of course. The second of those should be outlawed. Ok, sorry. I have a case of the Mondays as you can clearly see. But maybe that should be a new thing…Maxi Dress Monday. Or maybe not. I don’t love wearing dresses that much plus I was surprised to take a peek into my closet and realize that I really don’t have a lot of maxi dress options. I blame that fact on two things: my height and the climate I live in. I avoid having to wear heels/wedges at all costs and most maxi dresses are waaayyy too long and overwhelming on my somewhat petite frame, plus the idea of little to no air flow hitting my legs on a hot, Midwestern Summer day doesn’t strike me as ideal. The easy, breezy look of them seem to exude an effortlessly chic vibe but very rarely do I feel so glamorous in one. There are adorable gals all over Insta who look gorgeous in flowy numbers but I don’t feel like I would fall into that category. Then I found THIS short sleeve, floral maxi {that isn’t really a full-length} and thought it might be possible to, just once, be one of those ‘cool’ girls!

Femininity to the fullest.

All sorts of whimsical feelings were being felt by me as I was twirling around in this maxi. I felt like I should be having a tea party in a secret garden while also feeling like this would be the perfect dress to wear to an outdoor wedding being held in a vineyard. But since neither of those two events are/were happening, I figured it would be fine to instead wear church and for a few Sunday afternoon errands. Because one can never be overdressed or over-prepared, right?! That’s definitely a motto I am in total support of! 😉 The sleeves appear to add a modest touch while the deep-v acts in the exact opposite manner to keep the look youthful and flirty.  With so much going on in the pattern, the other aspects of the look had to stay muted, neutral and relatively unnoticeable. Nude sandals elongated my legs while a basic blush crossbody-turned clutch played off the pink tones in the dress. A bright pop of color on my lips seemed to be just the right amount of boldness I needed to give all the feminine aspects a bit of edge. Although the dress initially appears to lean more towards a Spring/Summer style, I think it’ll easily be able to be warmed up this Fall with a suede jacket and booties to transition it to cooler temps. With a price tag under $30, this is a must for every gal. I dare you to slip into it and not twirl around in circles and sashay your way around the room!

Now to a completely non-fashion-related topic…I heard there is like a solar eclipse or something happening today? How neat is that! Doing anything special to watch it?! I’m STILL debating between watching it on TV {I’m super SUPER paranoid about my eyes since I just had Lasik a year ago and I’m a pretty big fan of not going blind} or finding a truly safe way to view outside. However you watch it, I hope y’all take a second to pause and realize how special it is that we get to witness something of this magnitude. Just further proof our God is an Awesome God. <3

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