Pearl accents for a pop of fun on a Monday!

Seriously, how in the world is it the first Monday in December? Where did this Fall go? Actually, where the heck did this YEAR go? I feel like I’ve blinked and 2017 is literally almost over. There have been a million and one things that have happened; lots of them pretty crappy but a few of them super positive. Like building a NEW HOME. I mean the process could not be moving along any slower but eventually I’m sure I’ll be grateful for not having to rush all of these major decisions so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. November was a super weird month for me. It was kind of like a mirage so I’m honestly pretty glad it’s done. I did turn 29 last week–EEEEK! Thankfully two of my best girls & their hubbies were on board for a Wednesday evening full of lots of laughs and 1 too many strawberry margs. I’m now refreshed and have felt a renewed passion for the blog, getting dressed in something other than Lulu leggings and taming my hair that is the longest it has been in years!

All in the details…

It’s no secret that pearls are having a major moment. From cute joggers to velvet slides to my v-neck sweater these little gems are popping up everywhere. When Kyle and I went out to take these photos he immediately asked what the heck ‘those little balls’ were on my sleeves. Uhmmmm, they’re pearls. DUH! 😉 Sometimes he just doesn’t get what’s on trend at the moment. Bless his heart. I love it though so that’s really all that matters. The slightly billowy sleeves are super fun and the crop fit work perfectly with my favorite high-waist Current/Elliott denim. I love simple yet chic looks that involve minimal effort but still give off a put-together vibe and this get-up does exactly that for me. Plus I’m totally crushing on olive variations lately. I feel like so many things I’ve purchased have been from the green family and I don’t know why. Actually my order history the last few weeks has been all over the place. It’s been insanely nice weather lately and I’ve found myself ordering things that aren’t exactly going to get me through Winter. Fingers crossed seasonal depression isn’t already hitting me! On that note, I’m off to order myself *THIS BELT* that I’ve been dyyyying to get my hands on. It’s my birthday present to myself because I only have 360-some days until I’m 30. And that deserves a gift. xox

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Pearl Sweater / Denim / Mules (sold-out, similar HERE)