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It is no secret to anyone that grey is my color. Kyle is quick to comment every time a new grey sweater comes in the mail or he sees me pop the tag off of a grey v-neck tee. No apologies here. Sometimes you find something that is so you and you just stick with it. For me, that is definitely grey everything. Grey walls, shoes, bags, nail polish, etc. Maybe it’s a bit blah or boring but it’s working for me so I’m sticking with it. Like white distressed denim is a bit predictable {but I love it, don’t get it twisted!} so why not try some grey distressed jeans instead? They match nearly everything and bring an unexpected punch to the party! 😉 Ok and for real…is it GREY or GRAY?! I mean I’m not losing sleep over the spelling of a color but I’d really like to know if one is more right or if I can continue using the ‘e’ and feeling fine about it. One of my favorite things about the neutral is its ability to be dressed up just as easily as it appears cool and casual. A darker hue on a sheath dress is sophisticated enough for the office while a lighter shade on a pair of Nikes will hide everyday wear with no problem.

With unseasonably warm temps in Omaha over the weekend, I relished the fact that I didn’t have to wear a coat AND was able to wear pumps without freezing the bare skin on my feet. It was perfection but also such a tease because in the Midwest there is no way low 60s will be around for good just yet. We took full advantage of a gorgeous Saturday at a local spot sipping craft beers {I’m obsessed with trying new beers–esepcially IPAs–so if you have any good recommendations, send them my way please!} and eating pub food. All about the balance! This outfit was perfect for a low key afternoon. Not too casual but not too nice. I try my best not to post too many blog/Instagram photos in ‘old’ items of clothing because I want to link as many pieces for you as I can {but lets be real, I’m not buying new clothes every second just to wear in a blog post!} but this sweater is an oldie AND a goodie. It’s so soft–no wool, no itchiness–and kept me cozy but not too hot. Old Navy is a great spot for quality, low cost sweaters in my opinion but I actually have better luck shopping in their stores rather than online because their sizing tends to run quite large on me. While I’ll always love sweater weather, I’m ready for consistently Spring-like temps that bring with them the ability to wear some of the new tops I just picked up like this one, this one, and this!

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