Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?!

Isn’t that what we’ve always been taught? I definitely agree with that statement but I’d probably also have to add dogs, champagne and beach vacations to my best friends list as well. Diamond jewelry {ok, lets be real jewelry in general} has a special place in my heart because my first real diamond piece came from my parents on my 16th Birthday. It was a tradition they started with me and have carried it on with my 3 younger sisters. They’re philosophy stemmed from the fact that ‘they loved us first’ so they should be the first to gift us with a diamond ring. I wore it on my left ring finger until the day Kyle switched it out for a lot larger one. 🙂 My wedding ring is actually an almost identical replica of the one I got on my birthday which made the proposal even more sentimental. He did well. REALLY well. So when I was approached by Borsheims, one of the largest independent jewelers in the nation, based in Omaha, about sharing their new Kalahari Dream® Diamond line I had absolutely no hesitation.

The story behind the diamonds…

The Kalahari Dream® Diamond is part of the diamond industry’s global initiative to change lives in local communities by fostering economic growth and education initiatives in southern Africa. Diamonds help these nations enjoy greater gender development, higher income per capita and more years in school. They reflect the same strength, resilience, and magic of the desert they are named after. Kalahari Dream® diamonds are solely sourced from reputable southern African diamond mining companies. These companies adhere to stringent ecological and social criteria, and abide by industry guidelines. While most Kalahari Dream diamonds are mined from the majestic lands of southern Africa, a small portion is responsibly mined in beautiful Canada. Every Kalahari Dream® diamond travels through southern Africa as part of its journey, helping to support and foster beneficial relationships with local communities.

Borsheims has partnered with the trusted diamond manufacturing company Leo Schachter to exclusively offer Kalahari Dream Diamonds. The diamonds are ethically mined and responsibly prepared by exacting artisans, and are only available at Borsheims {shop the loose diamonds HERE!}. Your Kalahari Dream® diamond will almost certainly play a part in reshaping the future of a young girl in Botswana. Leo Schachter believes in the importance of strengthening communities and feels very strongly about bringing more women into a male-dominated industry, that it has filled two-thirds of its Botswana diamond operational positions with local women. And there is a good chance your Kalahari Dream diamond is expertly cut by one of these educated and driven women, with many of them living as single mothers and sole breadwinners, their employment is a powerful example of diamonds improving lives and empowering women.

Buying diamonds AND empowering women? Two things I’m 100% in support of. After checking out some of the line for myself on Friday, I definitely have a few ‘Wishlist’ items that I may have not so subtly pass on to Kyle since our 5 year Anniversary is less than a month away. If you have a few seconds, definitely check out the quick video below for more insight into the Kalahari brand!