Mustard on Monday.

If each day required an assigned color, today’s color would most definitely need be this bold yellow tone. It’s gloomy, chilly & windy here in Omaha so a bright hue is necessary to lighten up the blah mood I woke up in. I really do love rainy mornings but not so much on Monday. It’s hard enough to pry myself out of bed and get my butt in gear for the week ahead but add rumbling thunder in the distance and I’m pretty much done for. I think I slept an extra hour longer than I had planned but it felt fabulous; plus I still managed to fit in an at-home, Orangetheory-style workout in so I don’t feel too bad for hitting snooze a time or two extra! This weekend went by WAY too fast after having Kyle’s family in town to hit up our favorite Apple Orchard. It’s like we blinked and Sunday was over. While I’m bummed about how fast last weekend went, I can’t pretend I’m not even more excited for this coming one. I’m finally heading back to TEXAS to visit my family!!! YAY! I leave Friday afternoon and come back Monday evening so despite a pretty quick turnaround, it’s going to be just the little break I need! 🙂

Split-back goodness.

I feel like at least one thing I’ve worn in every outfit from the past month-ish has been a #Nsale purchase. Yikes. But hey, I needed to stock up on a lot of goodies this year! THIS mustard, split-back, bell sleeve beauty was one of those purchases and definitely has ended up being one of my favorites. The material is like a super thin, soft sweatshirt and the sleeves + back details give what would be an otherwise super basic top some pizzazz! It looks like my color is sold-out at the moment {keep checking back because it continues to be restocked every so often!} but the periwinkle option is equally as cute! The top is definitely on the more casual side but could easily be dressed up a bit more with leather pants, strappy heels and a statement necklace. Since I love all casual vibes, I chose to throw on some bright white mules and my newest AGs {I cut the hem myself because I am over having to roll all my denim!} and called it perfect for a Fall-feeling evening.

Off to finish a few more hours of work and then figure out what the heck to make for dinner! This super chilly weather has me craving soup, chili or something similar but I’m pretty sure I don’t have ingredients for either of those options so we’ll see what I end up throwing together! xox

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